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Log category contains all available admin-only commands to setup and configurate the bot however you want.


Enables or disables flood warning whenever a user reaches 2 same messages in less than 3 seconds.


Automatically setups LIT, mode, Log Channel, sync and starts the bot to work. Aliases: ()correct


()bind <message to trigger>Binds trigger message to notify for execution in Log Channel.


()notify <on/off>Announcements related to new builds(versions), updates, inconvenience etc. Set to on by default. Aliases: ()n


()synchronize <on/off>Synchronization updates log data and notifies for changes. It is not recommended to use sync with Light Weight mode. Aliases: ()sync


()LIT <on/off>Less Intruitive Trigger. Changes log appearance. If turned on changes appearance to simple non-embed text.


()mode <LW/ADV/EXP>Sets log mode. LW(LightWeight) to minimize lag issues, sends less logs. EXP(Expert) Sends all available logs.


()setupResets log channel to System Messages Channel. ()setup <channel>Sets log channel, recommended to use private channels to avoid leaking personal data to newbies or unknown members. Aliases: ()log


Resets all available cache and unused variables to minimize error chance. Not recommended to use it. Aliases: ()r