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How to setup

First of all inviting the bot isn’t the only step you should complete for it to start working. There are 6 steps to do(4 if without optional):

You can click the step to move to the more detailed information.

Most of the time people don’t realise on how to setup the bot properly but this post will help you to get all information about setupping the channel, modes, LIT system, starting and stopping the bot

Invite the bot. It’s one of the most easiest steps, all you have to do is click the invite button here, accept giving bot a permissions and finish hCaptcha. Please do not remove any permissions from BasicLog!

Invite page

Setup the channel. There are few conditions to be done for it to work: bot should be visible in the channel where it will send the logs, make sure you execute it in the channel with a bot in it(no matter if it will be the log channel or not), System messages channel should be set if you want bot to automatically choose it for you(Open server settings » Overview » System Messages Channel). If it all is done then you can type either ()setup or ()setup <mentioned channel>. If there’s an error contact support in our discord server for help.

Usage of the command(with 2 types)

Choose mode. Choosing mode isn’t actually that hard. There are 3 modes you can choose:

  • LW(Light Weight) – Sends less amount of logs to the Log Channel to avoid any errors. Does not include fresh added triggers!
  • ADV(Advanced) – The medium amount of logs the bot sends in the Log Channel. Contains limits such as less detailed message-log. Highly recommended to use!
  • EXP(Expert) – Special mode that sends all the log data mostly used to test fresh added triggers for bugs. Some errors may occur.

After you’ve done choosing the mode you want type ()mode <mode abbreviation> and check if the respond is succesful.

Usage of the command(with all modes)

Change LIT mode(optional). LIT abbreviation means Less Intruitive Trigger. That means you can choose if you need embed log or not. Set to off by default. If your server is big i recommend you to set it to on. As you’ve read you can choose between on or off. Type ()LIT <on/off> to choose. Make sure to type “LIT” with uppercase!

Usage of the command(with 2 modes)
LIT on & LIT off

Start it. Starting may be the easiest part since all you have to do is type ()start. If you did not setup something written above it will let you know.

Usage of the command

Stop it(bonus). Stopping the bot is as easy as start but also you have to confirm stopping the button(as it is written in the confirmation text you have 30 seconds to push it). Just type ()stop and press the button “Stop” to stop the bot. It will not reset your data!

Usage of the command(before and after pressing the button)

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